09 Aug


We managed to successfully rock-crawl through the 3 checkpoints at the Gauntlet but whilst trying to exit the Gauntlet we sheared all 8 bolts on our axle-hub and we lost drive to the front wheels. With only 2WD and no diff-lockers we just weren’t able to climb the steep sides and continue the final 2 hours of the Charge. We did eventually manage to get the car out of the Gauntlet after the event had finished and once we got our diff-lockers working again.

So we ended up 24th out of 57 starters and our distance of 22.74 kilometers for a total of 9 checkpoints was very competitive. It was a shame that we lost 4wd because if we had been able to complete just another 2 checkpoints then we would have been Top 10!!

Thank you so much to Willfreight Express Cargo Services for sponsoring Car 36 again this year. As a team, we raised over $15k, and the event in total raised a staggering $1.86m, and your funds will be used directly by Rhino Ark to continue the work they are doing to fence and protect Kenya’s most valuable Eco-systems.”

One of Willfreight Express Cargo Services’ policies is based on environmental conversation. The company deeply acknowledges the participation of its particular client in an event that is in line with the  company’s deliberate measures in maintaining an Eco-friendly environment.


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