Full Container Load (FCL)

Willfreight Express Cargo Services

Thanks to our network of first-class carriers, we are able to obtain enough space for a full container load from any location we serve and negotiate fair freight costs. Get in touch with us to get an accurate price that accounts for customs clearance.


Less than Container Load (LCL)

Willfreight Express Cargo Services

Customers that send relatively small quantities that don’t fill a whole container may use this option. At the moment, we don’t offer it anywhere we offer our services. Turkey, Dubai, China, and India all sell it. Please get in contact with us for additional details.


Conventional Load

Willfreight Express Cargo Services

Comparing containerized shipping to conventional loading, which requires handling and securing each cargo component individually, can save time and labor. Nonetheless, it is widely utilized for specific categories of cargo that are unsuitable for containerization, notably bulk cargo like grains or ores, huge or irregularly shaped objects, or goods that need special handling.

Industries Covered

Willfreight Express Cargo Services clientele spans across various industries, including;

Textile Logistics

The administration and planning of the movement, storage, and distribution of textile goods along the supply chain is referred to as textile logistics. This covers tasks including locating raw materials, producing textiles, packing, storing, shipping, and delivering goods to stores or customers directly..

Healthcare Center

Optimizing patient care, cutting costs, and guaranteeing that healthcare facilities have the resources available when and where they are required all depend on effective healthcare logistics. This is particularly crucial in times of emergency, such pandemics or natural disasters, when there may be an unpredictable spike in the demand for healthcare resources.

Chemical Factory

The movement, storing, and distribution of chemicals—including hazardous materials—along the supply chain is referred to as chemical logistics. It entails organizing, carrying out, and overseeing operations pertaining to the transportation of chemicals from producers to consumers or other intermediary locations.

Automative Company

The administration and coordination of the supply chain procedures involved in the production, delivery, and distribution of automobiles, parts, and accessories within the automotive sector is referred to as automotive logistics. It includes a variety of tasks like purchasing, managing inventories, warehousing, shipping, and providing after-sale services.



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