07 May


Attainment of universal primary education (UPE) and education for all (EFA) is one of the primary targets of governments and the UN’s SDG4 which is Quality Education and promoting lifelong learning.

About 73 million children from marginalized and disadvantaged communities misses school every year due to lack of feeding programs.

As an organization, one of our corporate strategy and responsibility is reaching marginalized communities and this Festive season, we’ve partnered with Laini-Saba Primary School in Kibera Nairobi County so as to support the primary school feeding program.

School feeding programs in marginalized communities like Kibera help increase enrollment, prevent dropouts and stable attendance.

By partnering with Laini-Saba primary school in Kibera, our donation this December will partly help keep about 600 pupils between grade 1 to grade 8 in primary next year.

This commitment and many others position WEC, Sigrut, and other affiliate companies into supporting the communities where we operate and where our people live. In doing so, we also drive growth and help both the nation and global community to directly achieve five Sustainable Development Goals.

We therefore pride ourselves on being instrumental in the achievement of these 5 SDGs:

1. SDG2- Global Commitment to tackling under nutrition and hunger

2. SDG4- Quality Education and promoting life long learning.

3. SDG8- Decent work, respectable labor and Economic Growth

4. SDG10- Reduced inequalities, we ensure you get education despite where you are born and who your parents are

5. SDG13 – Urgent action in combating climate change and building resilience in responding to climate related hazards.

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