Air Freight Forwarding

Our air freight services encompass a wide array of options to facilitate smooth import and export operations. Port to Port Services: Inclusive of freight charges, security fees, origin, and destination terminal handling.

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Ocean Freight Forwarding

We specialize in moving freight via cargo ships. This specialization enables us to know precisely how to complete any shipment and build the relationships necessary to get the best ocean rates, which they can then pass on to their customers.

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Road Freight Forwarding

Cargo is transported at some stage of its journey along the world’s roads, where we coordinate and plan the movement of the shipment on behalf of the shipper using our fleet of vehicles to ensure safety and fast delivery as per the requirements

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Wilfreight Express Cargo Services is a Global Supplier of Transport and logistics Solutions.

About Willfreight Express Cargo

WILLFREIGHT EXPRESS CARGO SERVICES is a regionally prominent logistics company that offers specialized services in all freight areas and facilitates customs documentation, clearance, and delivery of aircraft parts, Aircraft on Ground (A.O.G.), and general cargo.
Willfreight Express Cargo Services (WECS) is a trade name for Affaires Afrique; therefore we are registered with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA-customs) as Affaires Afrique and not Willfreight Express Cargo Services.
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Packaging And Storage

Food, medicine, technology, and many other industries depend heavily on this, making it very essential in cargo handling.


It is essential since it offers a single location for the tracking, distribution, and storage of commodities.

Cargo Service

Delivery of any freight from one place to another quickly to save your cost and your time.

Worldwide Transport

This transportation system includes air travel, sea transportation, land transportation, and railroads.

Door To Door Delivery

Refers to items being delivered straight to the recipient’s stated address after being picked up from a warehouse or a home.

Ground Transport

Refers to the movement of goods over land via various modes of transportation, such as vans, trucks, trains etc.


As a reliable service provider in freight and logistics solutions, we deliver your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.
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Why Choose Us

We have worked extremely hard to make this a reality and are constantly aiming for 100% client satisfaction.


Although our track record speaks for itself, we are perfectionists and will not settle for less; instead, we will always strive for even greater results.

More About Us

A.O.G Services

The below needs for our customers are a priority: Returns for Repair, Aircraft Interiors,Landing Gear, Avionics, Thrust Reversers/Nacelles, Engines/APU Components & Structures.

Safe and Secure

This refers to a state or condition where consignments are protected from harm, danger, or risk, and their well-being is assured.

24/7 customer support

This level of support ensures that customers can reach out for help or information at any time, regardless of the time zone they are in or when they encounter an issue.



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