26 Jul

Why you need clearing and forwarding companies’ intervention during the shipment of your Cargo

Clearing and forwarding companies definitely save you from the struggles of importing and exporting. Organizations that import or export goods into and out of a country require the services of a clearing and forwarding agent for purposes of efficient, safe and cost-effective transportation and customs clearance of cargo. Willfreight Express Cargo Services, being one of the leading clearing and forwarding companies, follows given protocols to ensure your shipment successfully reaches its desired point of destination. You definitely need a clearing and forwarding company to help you in the movement of your cargo due to the following reasons;

  • It is cost effective

Forwarders leverage on volume to reduce cost. The bigger your package, the more expensive it would be to be transported. As a freight forwarder company, we organise shipment for different clients meaning we have large volumes of cargo therefore we are able to negotiate better rates with the airlines and shipping lines.

  • Effective tracking systems

Clients usually worry about losing their merchandise when the consignment takes too long to get to the destination. As a clearing and forwarding company we are able to solve this by carefully tracking the movement of your cargo and you will be able to know at any time its exact position while on transit.

  • Timely pick-up and delivery

Entrusting a clearing and forwarding company will save you the challenges of wasting reasonable amount of time trying to follow up on the pick-up of your cargo. This is because we have professional staff who will follow all the given procedures and ensure the consignment gets to you.

  • Accurate documentation

Different countries may have different legal documentations because they necessarily do not follow the same set of laws and regulations. This might cause frustrations to a client because there might be delays, fine charges and sometimes the consignment being withheld at the port. As a freight forwarding company, we ensure all the paperwork is accurately done and that your cargo meets all the legal procedures.

  • Access to Global Partners

Clearing and freight forwarding companies have access to partners when conducting global shipments. Therefore a client does not need to worry about how a consignment will get to its destination when they entrust us to do the shipment of their cargo.

Clearing and forwarding companies have warehouses where they keep consignments that awaits departure to the designated destination and after they have been cleared pending delivery or pick-up.

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